NEPP Pilates group and private classes


Pilates involves exercise both with and without the use of specialised Pilates exercise equipment.  Pilates assists in increasing strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility improving posture and spinal / pelvic alignment.

Pilates develops better movement patterns through correct alignment, body awareness and a focus on reducing the struggle and strain of movement and focusing on a more efficient, economical way to move.

Retraining of deeper muscles to effectively support your body is an important concept in Pilates. This is commonly termed ‘core’ training.

Pilates exercises can be modified according to your level of ability  from beginner to advanced .There is an application for Pilates from chronic back pain sufferer’s all the way through to elite athletes.

Pilates group classes are held at:

Church of Christ

217 Bobbin Head Rd

North Turramurra

Please contact us to book a class

Mat Class Timetable

Mon 8.30am and 9.30am

Tues 8am

Wed 7pm

Fri 9.15am

Individual sessions can be booked at any time
Mon – Fri